March 27, 2017

Total Wellness

To provide “Total Wellness” coverage to all your employees, we tailor a full-year program for your organisation with greater engagement and higher exposure.

Health Check
We bring the health check services right at your workplace. After health check, our wellness consultants would provide personal consultation. Convenient, time-saving, less downtime and more holistic!


Speedy Fit Camp
In this 90-minute bootcamp, we make boring health topics fun to learn! Employees will learn about evidence-based knowledge and pick up at least 5 practical at their fingertips straightaway to apply in daily life.


Wellness Blast
Awareness is all about sharing information repeatedly. We share infographics and information to promote wellness and boost higher participation among employees.



Be Great Camp (Weight & Image |Stress & Mental Health | Smoking Cessation | Diabetes | Heart Health)
In this 8-hour onsite close group camp, we target employees with existing conditions to improve their health by hands-on self-care training and home management skills from both lifestyle and medical aspects. We provide 3-month online personalised coaching to guide employees in taking daily actions in managing their conditions.


Careline & Virtual Chat Consultation

We provide extended-hour assistance to your employees to deal with stress and mental health problems including anxiety, trauma, depression etc. that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being. Consultation is conducted over phone call or virtual chat platform by professionals. We also provide onsite consultation on appointment basis.


Fitness Class
We encourage employees’ participation in fitness activities by making fitness opportunity available at your workplace. We organise different fitness classes, e.g. bootcamp, Zumba etc. for more varieties and fun!


Workplace wellness consultation (complimentary)
We provide wellness gap survey & analysis to identify the key issues relating to your workplace and employee wellness. We bridge the gap to improve your workplace wellness with recommendations on strategies. Upon completion of the programs, we provide impact review and evaluation of the workplace wellness programs on employees and organisation.


Total Wellness Day
We bring more crowd to your workplace wellness activities with the 1-day Total Wellness Day. Employees can consult experts onsite for their personal wellness needs, shop for wellness products at the Wellness Market and participate in many more exciting activities.


The Wellness League
We organise a one-year Wellness League to inspire changes and improve in health status via fun and competitive engagement. Through the Wellness League, employees participate in a full year onsite tailor-made wellness programs and a full year 24/7 online personal consultation. We coach and track the employees’ progress along the way until the final award showdown.


HRDF Claimable

LeadinHealth Sdn. Bhd. is a certified HRDF training provider. Selected programmes and workshops conducted are eligible for HRDF claims under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL), subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers.


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