Decode your wellness dna

how we help?

Every organisation has different need. We analyse the wellness gaps within your organisation and tailor the right programme to meet your need. From diet to exercise, from diseases to wellness. We have a team of motivated and inspiring healthcare professionals and wellness trainers ready to bring the the "Wellness DNA" into your company. Next, at what stage does your organisation stand currently?
Go to Wellness Awareness

Wellness Awareness

You are just about to introduce wellness to your employees and make them to start thinking about being healthy at the workplaces.

Go to Wellness Action

Wellness Action

You want your employees to start taking actions to be healthy and fit in no time.

Go to Total wellness

Total wellness

You focus on holistic and sustainable wellness. Being healthy will be the organisational culture that every employee embraces.

Why Wellness Programme?

Wellness dna

The only one wellness programme you need

Wellness DNA is not just another boring health talk. We help companies and organisations to build wellness culture at workplace, instilling wellness DNA into the organisations. Our wellness programmes are fun, interactive, practical, holistic and solution-focused. We do not stop here. We also provide continuous monitoring, tracking and coaching via our proprietary mobile application - Walnut Wellness in order to achieve the wellness outcomes.


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